Hi everyone! I go by the pen name Angel G.T.

I’m an Italian girl who travelled around half the globe and always loved to fly. I have many passions that keep me going through life. As you can see, one is writing.

Since my childhood, I’ve always loved the fantasy world: movies, books, manga and videogames (Yes, I’m also a nerd :)). That same world that can make you travel with your imagination wherever you are. Anytime of the day. And night. I was born in the ’80s, so you can easily imagine how deeply attached I am to that moment in time. To that epoque. The era where everything changed. The greatest music, the milestone movies, the iconic PC games, the emulating fashion styles when people had eccentric hair and baggy knits. The never-ending waiting to upload a videogame into the Commodore64, or the Amiga, or the first PC with Windows 3.5. When cell phones were a far-away conception and Back to The Future was the only door to what was lying beyond the tech-evolution (even if I haven’t seen any flying car in 2015 lol). And last but not least, the fantastic reign of anime! Who doesn’t have a favourite anime from that time? I’m not listing them now, it would take me three pages to do so, but let’s take a moment to revel in it… done?

Ok. Back to reality.

In 2013 I travelled to Japan for the first time and, since then, I’ve been there so many times, making new amazing friends and diving into their unique traditions. I’ve also created a section, in this website, entirely dedicated to the “land of the rising sun”, but I’ll get to it later on (I do apologise for the incompletion of this website, but thanks to the technology, I got a fatal crash days ago and lost all its previous content, so I’m tying to rebuild it from ground zero, but it takes time – minna, gomen nasai).

I’m a hopeless dreamer, passionate about mythology and travels, I started writing during the pandemic 2020 lockdown, when only dreams and hopes could walk you through the day. Throughout my life, I developed a very deep connection with nature and animals, especially with my horse, the love of my life. I’ve started writing to share my story (The Obsidian Dragon – Vol I) with as many people as possible, wishing to make them dream like I did while writing it. What if, being able to create a parallel fantasy world inside your head, could be another way to escape the already too surreal reality we are living in?

As you can see, there’s also a section about Music and that’s because it’s another passion of mine. Since when I was a kid, I used to listen to rock and metal music (and of course, I grew up also listening to all that quintessential pop music of the ’80s :)). I collaborated with several international rock/metal bands in the past few years BC (Before Covid lol), collaborating with an indie music webzine that had me travel around the world interviewing musicians, writing live reports and photo­shooting their live concerts, but since 2020 I took a break from all of this. But never say never. Maybe, when it will be easier to travel again, I’ll go back to do that as well. In the Music section, you’ll also find a few pictures I took.

To be continued …