The Obsidian Dragon – Vol. I

Cover art by Angel G.T. Published by Pegasus Publishers UK

Aribeth Mitchell is an ordinary last year student at Cambridge University, majoring in archaeology, or so she thought.

A strong personality, a bright mind, with a touch of clumsiness makes her dreaming with open eyes during the day. But what happens when a nightmare hunts her down every night?
What if an alluring dark creature is the source of her frustration?

After a mysterious encounter with a man looking just like the one of her dreams, she travels to the “land of the rising sun” with the class and her best friend Marika, but soon, she discovers a world wrapped up in greed, wrath and lies. A parallel reality she couldn’t even imagine existed, where captivating creatures will fight to steal a secret buried within her, manipulating her destiny, but who will prevail and at what cost?

Drawing by Angel G.T.

A world where myths and legends will put the reality she knows through the wringer. Where love is stained in blood and lies, and where also evil might have a beating heart.
From the charming old villages, nestled in the Japanese Alps, to the mystical Egyptian desert, dwell of ancient deities, Aribeth will have to deal with another aspect of the history she knows so well, far from the one written and told in her school books.

Powerful weapons, mighty fights, mythical and mystical creatures and entwining loves await her in an adventure that will change her life forever.

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