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About this Book:

Aribeth Mitchell is an ordinary student at Cambridge University, or so she thought. From the charming old villages, nestled in the Japanese Alps, to the mystical Egyptian Desert, Aribeth will have to deal with a world wrapped up in greed, wrath, lust and hypocrisy, where love is stained in blood and lies, and where evil also might have a beating heart. Mighty fights, mythical and mystical creatures and entwining loves await her in an adventure that will change her life forever.

“To thee, I give my all”

My Review:

The Obsidian Dragon by Angel G. T. is a fantasy tale set in our contemporary world featuring magic, monsters, and romance. I have read several books with a similar theme. But, the vast world expansion in this story intrigued me. It made me pick this book up, expecting a fresh take on fantasy fiction, and I was not disappointed. We follow Aribeth’s mundane academic life with her best friend Marika. She is riddled with mysterious dreams that feel less like dreams and more like premonitions of a wild and unfathomable life experience coming for her. All hell breaks loose when Aribeth spots the same enigmatic man she sees in her dreams at a pub. But this time, it’s not a dream. 

The story takes you through multiple landscapes across the world. The author’s picture portrayal is impeccable. Whether navigating the ancient streets of Egypt or witnessing the suave blossoming beauty of Japan, Angel’s description choices to set up a scene are so effortless that you will find yourself making the journey with the protagonist, aiding your visual imagination perfectly.

Featuring witty one-liners with good timing and a steady pace, Angel’s attempt to teleport you to Aribeth’s astounding yet believable world pays off well. Sometimes, relatability goes for a toss in fiction featuring sorcery and adventure, and it becomes tasking for a reader to connect to the story. But Angel’s book blends the right amount of believability and transcendence together. I like the author’s way of realistic thinking engraved into the fantasy pageturner.  

One thing that I found a little bit off is the protagonist’s narrative style. At times, it feels as if the protagonist is breaking the fourth wall and has the realisation that she’s got a story to tell rather than going into this magical journey clueless along with the readers, unfolding step by step. This move dilutes the authenticity of Aribeth’s motivations and actions as the tension buildup flounders on and off. 

Another thing that was disheartening is that the book has some language errors and spelling mistakes. So much so that I was unable to ignore it. The manuscript clearly needed more polishing in terms of editing, and I hope the author rectifies this in the next book of the series. 

Overall, The Obsidian Dragon is a fun and light read that will keep you hooked if you are a fan of fantasy fiction with attention to detail. It’s not a book that will change your life, but it will surely keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat wanting more. 

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