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The Obsidian Dragon is a work of fiction in the fantasy, romance, and interpersonal drama subgenres. It is best suited to mature adult readers owing to scenes of violence, explicit sexual content, and strong language throughout. Penned by author Angel G. T., the plot thrusts our protagonist, Aribeth Mitchell, from ordinary student life at Cambridge into an extraordinary world of ancient mysteries. Across a series of gorgeous and exotic locations, Aribeth grapples with a realm saturated in human vices and mystical creatures. The narrative weaves through greed, wrath, lust, and hypocrisy, painting a world where love is tainted by blood and lies. What follows is a tale rich in passion, sacrifice, and perhaps betrayal.

Author Angel G. T. has crafted a gorgeous blend of myth, magic, and modern life, creating a narrative that keeps you on the edge with all its multi-sensory, well-described delights. Aribeth’s evolution from a regular student to a central figure in a world of entwining loves, and mythical battles are enthralling, and I appreciated the close narrative skill in bringing her thoughts and feelings to life so realistically. The story’s global backdrop, moving from the vivid atmosphere of the Japanese Alps to the moody, highly descriptive Egyptian desert and beyond, offers so many new vistas that perfectly suit the tone of the scenes and complement the emotional state of the characters. The promise of a life-altering adventure is delivered with great pacing and a keen sense of how to shift the scenes cinematically, making this book a spellbinding experience and a captivating journey into the supernatural. Overall, I would certainly recommend The Obsidian Dragon for fans of steamy romance and epic fantasy seeking a compelling and vivid read.

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

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