A peek inside the story…

Almost two months ago The Obsidian Dragon was being released into the world. A thousand Thank You(s) to all the people who kept pushing me towards this huge goal of mine.

When I received the book from the publisher and I first leafed through the pages, I was not believing that I had actually done it.

This is the beginning of a journey I really hope will last a very long time.

The Obsidian Dragon is the first volume of a series.

Aribeth Mitchell is an ordinary student at Cambridge University, or so she thought. From the charming old villages, nestled in the Japanese Alps, to the mystical Egyptian Desert, Aribeth will have to deal with a world wrapped up in greed, wrath, lust and hypocrisy, where love is stained in blood and lies, and where evil also might have a beating heart. Mighty fights, mythical and mystical creatures and entwining loves await her in an adventure that will change her life forever.
“To thee, I give my all”

Please check it out and leave a review after your read it!

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