It all began with a dream…

It all began with a dream. That dream turned into a drawing. The same drawing into a story.

Characters came to life, growing and evolving into the story itself, almost on their own.

I described a certain location and they took over, giving their own personal touch to the storyline.

While I was writing π“π‘πž πŽπ›π¬π’ππ’πšπ§ πƒπ«πšπ π¨π§ I’ve always thought that my first book was about to have a beginning, a middle and an end.

But I was wrong.

Everyone in the book had so much to say, so much to do, so much to feel, so much to hide that it was becoming incredibly tricky, if not impossible, to containing it in one single book.

And so, a series was born…

π“π‘πž πŽπ›π¬π’ππ’πšπ§ πƒπ«πšπ π¨π§ is just the beginning…

(Drawing by Angel G.T.)

The Obsidian Dragon, Pegasus Publishers UK

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